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How much is the membership for The Football Stage?
A Membership is free….for now
Will there be more tools available on the site?
With time, we will be adding more tools to give you a comprehensive set to give clubs exactly what they are looking for?
What’s the minimum age to join the site?
The minimum age is 13 years
Are you on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.?
Yes we are! Search for The Football Stage to find us
Can I join if I am already signed by a pro club?
Of course you can. If you get released, all your video will be available to view by other clubs saving you time finding another club
If I send you my details can you get me a trial?
Trials will be posted on the site by clubs and soccer schools. Check the trials page to see if anything comes up. Clubs will be able to contact you directly for trials
From which countries can you accept player memberships?
We accept players from any country. We are an online platform open to everyone from the age of 13
What will help me get a professional contract?
Clubs will want to see lots of videos of you playing matches, practicing and training. Be consistent and upload them daily or weekly. The more you upload, the better your chances. But remember, keep your videos as high quality as possible in terms of content and format
Can you give advice on how the videos should be shot?
Keep your videos short and to the point. Try to show a repeat of the skill. But above all make sure the videos are high viewing quality.
Will I be able to contact Football Clubs directly?
Clubs will be able to contact you. Once they have contacted you, you will then be able to communicate back
How many videos can I upload?
You can upload unlimited videos….for now
What do I do if I can’t upload a video?
Please refer to the support section if you encounter technical problems
Is it better to use a phone or a digital video camera?
The choice is yours. But if you are using a phone, make sure it captures videos in high quality. It’s easy to upload directly from your phone
Can you help me if I am going to be released from my contract?
If you have plenty of content, you will increase your chance of finding another club. The clubs on the site can search for you so make yourself memorable

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